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3x3 Issue 35 Comp

3x3 Issue 35 Comp

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This issue looks at different approaches to conceptual editorial illustration. Each artist’s point of view is disparate. Some examples are highly complex, others rely on mood to set the stage, while others go for the jugular with simple, straight-forward images that tell the story in a millisecond. Some inform, others satirize, still others educate. With backgrounds in either graphic design or graphic arts these illustrators are also adept at creating advertising, books and book covers for adults and children.

Hanna Barczyk interviewed by Alix-Rose Cowie

Jon Krause interviewed by Helena Amante

Oyow interviewed by Vaishali Dinakaran

Robert Neubecker, ICON interviewed by Jyni Ong

John McMullan, Legend article by Rachel Anne Farquharson

OpArt Giulio Bonasera

CareerTalk - Picturing Picture Books

News & Views - Happenings in illustration

Seen & Noted - 18 Illustrators from across the globe

Book Reviews

Twenty Questions

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