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3x3 Children's Book Show Annual No.9

3x3 Children's Book Show Annual No.9

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Annual No. 9: Children's Show

Each year 3x3 Magazine assembles top juries for each of their three shows: professional, student and children's books. Our international panel of judges vote independently and as a result the 3x3 show is one of the most unbiased juried competitions for illustration. Over 3,400 entries from all over the world were entered this year, there are 428 winners exhibited. Annual 9 is a part of this issue—for the first time we've combined our editorial content with our juried show winners—Issue 21 showcases the winners of the 3x3 Children's Show.

8.625 x 11.125-inches (21.90 x 28.25-cm), 200 pages

Also featured

Anna & Elena Balbusso Interviewed by Max Casalini

Bill Mayer Interviewed by Goñi Montes

Valeria Petrone Interviewed by Beppe Giacobbe

ICON: Jerry Pinkney

Profile: Rita Marshall, The Creative Company

SurveySays: Illustrator Confidence Survey

OpArt: Bill Mayer

CareerTalk: Making a Lifetime Career in Illustration

Spotlight: Andrea d'Aquino, Carey Sookocheff, Carlos Araujo, Ella Cohen, Kelly Murphy, Marta Madureira

20 Questions: Anna & Elena Balbusso, Bill Mayer, Valeria Petrone

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