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3x3 Magazine

3x3 Issue 1

3x3 Issue 1

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Gary Taxali Interviewed by Cathie Bleck

Vivienne Flesher Interviewed by Ward Schumaker

Polly Becker Q&A

CareerTalk: Communication

OpArt: Seymour Chwast

Showcase: Allen Crawford, Christina Ullman, Joseph Hart, Margaret Cusack, Richard Downs, Poul Hans Lange, Lars Henkel

Gallery: George Abe, Jody Hewgill, David Lesh, Riccardo Stampatori, Mick Wiggins, Brian Cronin, Violet Lemay, Russell Cobb, Nicholas Wilton, Anita Kunz, Cathie Bleck, Marc Burckhardt, Keith Dixon, Marcos Chin

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