3x3 Annual No.13


Each year 3x3 Magazine assembles top juries for each of its three shows: professional, student and children's books. Our international panel of judges vote independently and as a result the 3x3 show is one of the most unbiased juried competitions for illustration. And we’re the only truly international competition. Available in both print and digital editions.

6.5 x 9.25-inches (16.51 x 23.495-cm), 400+ pages

Note About Digital Format

The ebook is available in two formats: ePub FXL and PDF.

The ePub FXL format, an enhanced ePub is supported by iBooks (iPad, Mac). It is best viewed on iBooks on an iPad or your desktop. Android users can view the ePub FXL on Google Play or on the free Kobo app.

The PDF can be read in Adobe Acrobat, as well as many other devices and programs.

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