• 3x3 Issue 19 with ProShow 9 Annual

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    Annual No. 9: Professional Show

    Each year 3x3 Magazine assembles top juries for each of their three shows: professional, student and children's books. Our international panel of judges vote independently and as a result the 3x3 show is one of the most unbiased juried competitions for illustration. Over 3,400 entries from all over the world were entered this year, there are 428 winners exhibited. Annual 9 is a part of this issue—for the first time we've combined our editorial content with our juried show winners—Issue 19 showcases the winners of the 3x3 ProShow.

    8.625 x 11.125-inches (21.90 x 28.25-cm), 236 pages

    Also featured

    Phil Wrigglesworth Interviewed by Gary Embury

    Luc Melanson Interviewed by Pol Turgeon

    Aaron Meshon Interviewed by Whitney Sherman

    ICON: Robert Risko

    Profile: Michael Oberweiser

    SurveySays: Illustrators Social Media Usage

    OpArt: Phil Wrigglesworth

    Spotlight: Ned Culic, Nishant Choksi, Jesse Kuhn, Simon Peplow, Jason Raish

    20 Questions: Phil Wrigglesworth, Luc Melason, Aaron Meshon

  • 3x3 Issue 19 with ProShow 9 Annual
  • 3x3 Issue 19: Luc Melanson
  • 3x3 Issue 19: Aaron Meshon
  • 3x3 Issue 19: Phil Wrigglesworth

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