3x3 Magazine Subscription


We're bringing our magazine back. Published three times a year and featuring profiles of three distinguished illustrators as well as the latest news, book reviews , surveys and a new feature, Seen & Noted where we share images that have caught our eye. Limited availability on the newsstands in Europe, primarily subscription-based. 

This is an annual subscription for the print edition, to guarantee delivery of all three issues, subscribe now. No single copies will be available for sale. However, you may order a digital subscription or individual digital copies at any time during the year.

Our print subscription includes a free digital subscription. Our digital subscription format will be a page-flip so it's just like flipping through our magazine as well as a standard PDF for smaller screens.

First Issue: Melinda Beck, James Yang, Brazilian illustrator Daniel Bueno and Dutch comics artist Joost Swarte, ICON

Issue Two: Andrea Ventura (Germany/Italy), Dale Stephanos, Jules Julien (France/The Netherlands) and Philip Burke, ICON

Issue Three Announced Soon

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