3x3 Magazine Subscription 2022


Every issue features three distinctive illustrators from around the globe with in-depth interviews, a broad collection of their work and scenes inside their studios—along with a special feature on an industry giant as well as an illustration legend from the 60s. In addition, our Seen & Noted section highlights 18 illustrators who have caught our attention, and there's also book reviews related to art, design and illustration, career advice and industry news.

Your print subscription includes a free digital copy. Postage rates have increased and are reflected in the current subscription pricing.

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Issue 29 - 88 pages plus cover

David Plunkert, Gizem Vural and Owen Davey

Steve Brodner, ICON

Ferenc Pintér, Legend

Issue 30 - 88 pages plus cover

Katherine Lam, Max Löffler, Hayley Wall

Martin Jarrie, ICON

Pierre Le-Tan, Legend

Issue 31 - 88 pages plus cover

Gerard DuBois, Miriam Martincic, Ori Toor

Gary Baseman, ICON

Bernie Fuchs, Legend

Cover by Max Löffler

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